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Mothers and children have a bond like no other. Bella Roze aims to nurture and protect this natural bond with quality spa body products and treatments specifically catered to everyday women, pregnant moms, babies and toddlers. We also offer a comprehensive range of body products perfectly suited to the whole family.

Conventionally, body products are readily available on the shelves of retail stores but at Bella Roze, we don’t do conventional. Instead, we have developed a bespoke range of spa and beauty products to nourish and care for the unique skin requirements of women and children. Our ideal client is the pregnant or new mother in need of a superior and safe to use product to care for her family’s changing skin concerns. She can purchase our luxury products for perfect pampering at home, or she can indulge in one of our nourishing and professional spa treatments in a welcoming salon setting.

We also offer luxury post-birth products and treatments for moms who may be battling with cellulite and weight loss after the birth of their little miracles. Our aim is to reduce discomfort and protect the skin from stretch marks, allowing every woman to feel confidently cared for and beautiful.

Our range further includes nutrient-rich and super-hydrating products to care for sensitive skin. Statistics in the UK suggest that one in every five babies are born with sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin. As such, Bella Roze developed two products specifically for this market, with Colloidal Oatmeal as the main ingredient, known to hydrate skin, even the tone and texture, and soothe irritation.

At Bella Roze we don’t believe in generic or conventional products. For us the words “natural body products” have a far more profound and special meaning. We believe that a natural body range must stimulate and support our natural skin functions, rather than supplement the physiological processes. Bella Roze body products therefore offer gentle, wholesome care and are thus an important aid to the health of your skin, at any age and term in your life.

The full Bella Roze range includes body butters, scrubs, post-birth products and eight specially formulated spa body products aimed at pregnant and ‘everyday’ women. Although we provide a comprehensive array of body treatments specifically targeted to women, we also cater for the whole family. Our gentle Mama’s Touch and Splish Splash products are perfectly suited to the newly born infant, even at one-day old; while our Recovery Day Muscle Gel is ideal for the men in your life, even after a hard session at the gym.

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