Asked Questions


Delivery Time

NB: Couriers will deliver your package weekdays between 9am and 5pm so it’s usually best to use your work address for delivery unless you’re at home during the week.

We know you will be eagerly awaiting your Bella Roze products, but it will take a couple of days to arrive. Delivery should take between 2 – 6 working days at the most with 5 being the most regular.

Technical Issues

For technical inquiries or issues, please contact our Caffeine Mommy at

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email?

Some email providers mark our confirmation emails as spam or block them completely. You can check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email has arrived there.

If there is no confirmation email in the spam folder please email and we can confirm that the order was placed.

Returns and Exchanges

Please refer to our return policy